July 28, 2010


I told myself I'd be on my mat fifteen minutes ago, but I got caught reading someone else's blog and it triggered a little something I think it's time to share. Over the years, I have collected words and phrases that my hubby, boys, and I have mispronounced and turned around. Are you ready for another list? Here goes.

-So proud of myself after learning this word (a decade ago, but it seems like yesterday), I ordered "leistungswasser" for the very first time at an Asian restaurant nearby. Hubbster tried to keep a straight face because instead of ordering "leitungswasser" or tap water, I had just ordered power water or steriods in a glass. Now, remember we are in Germany; the water is divine, especially after years of lapping up chlorinated water in Houston. However, ten years ago no one drank it (this is slowly changing) and it is neverever ordered it at a restaurant. So, you can imagine the waiter's reaction. Needless to say, he brought me my little cup of "power", charged a mark (oh hey money down the drain), and went on his merry way.

-N. always throws out his own version of things he's heard if he didn't really get the pronounciation and he hates it if you don't understand. Just the other day, he threw a fit because he wanted "donalds". WTH??! Prior to that, he asked me for "mosquitoes"; you know, the ones that Omi (my mom) always brings. Turns out the poor boy wanted donuts and cheetos.

-I remember shortly after H. and I began dating, we were talking about our plans for the month ahead and H. looked at me, so very proud to be using an idiomatic phrase and said, "let's just play it by the ear". OK and we still are; ears are much better than years.

These are pretty harmless and there are tons more that aren't so harmless, like the time I was talking to my not-yet-in-laws and wanted to say, "I'm listening" and ended up saying, "I'm a prostitute"...damn those umlauts!!, so-oder-so they add a bit of spice to the everyday and kick things up a notch in the language department. What about the rest of you? Any thoughts?

Happy communicating.


Carolyn said...

I taught my family leitungswasser while they were here. They were loving it after paying 4 euros for waters in Paris. My sister's father-in-law (from Peru) one time said "Yes, my son is just a chip off the ole wood". I love this kinda stuff. ha.

katie k said...

aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahaha wow-- that totally rightened my morning! Love you!