July 27, 2010

Today, my youngest son told me that he wished he were our cat, Mikey, because Mikey, and all other cats for that matter, isn't forced to change his underwear everyday. Interesting. Aside from the fact that cats don't wear underwear, I understood what he was trying to say. Well, that got me thinking. Yeah. I could dig that too. I need to start kissing up to Buddha and start saving up some extra good karma so I can skip the ant phase and move straight up to the four-legged, purring, scratch-me-I'm-so-cute cat phase. Seriously, the pros of being a fluffy feline far outweigh the cons. I have been paying close attention to Mikey's everyday and, I must say, he has quite the good life. He sleeps all day, stays out all night, and when he gets home in the wee hours of the morning, he doesn't get reprimanded, he gets "katzenmilch" (cat milk). He loves this stuff and only accepts the best. I swear he must've been a high faluttin' diva in his past life. I have tried buying the no-name katzenmilch, but he figures it out just by the smell and won't touch the stuff. He bides his time and waits until I break down and buy him the expensive stuff that he slurps up (for real and it's the real reason why I cater), purring all the while. Yeah, so after the yummy katzenmilch, he meows hello, goes downstairs, drinks, eats (again only the best), comes up for scratches, and hits the hay. Did I mention he likes down? We have tried to wean him from sleeping in beds, but doors just don't stay shut in our house. Even if I make him a pallet on a bed, his very own pallet, he eventually finds his way to the comfy down comforter. His foster mom at the cat shelter in Würzburg warned us that he's a bed lover, but I really thought you could teach an old cat new tricks. Boy was I wrong! Nonetheless, we adore him just the same and he keeps us in check. He's living proof that good karma goes a loooong way. So, go on, make Buddha's day and spread some love...he just might give you an einsplusmitstern and reward you with nine lives!!


Rachel Leigh Murray said...

Hi! My name is Rachel. I'm from California and am actually moving to Wurzburg with some friends. I was looking up websites of Americans in Germany and stumbled upon your blog. I love the title and your post about what not to say to a German hairdresser was very helpful lol! I've been living in Ireland this past year but other than that am entirely new to European life in general. I took a TEFL course and am hoping to become an English teacher. If you have any advice to an American girl finding herself in a new situation I would so appreciate it! Loved your blog :)

Carolyn said...

Hilarious. Cats live the good life for sure.