September 12, 2010

The cleanest free bathroom in Würzburg

While on the infamous road trip to Italy with my fam, my sister was quite surprised that they charge at rest stops to use the bathroom. I had to laugh. I guess it is kinda...quirky. Funny how your visitors make you question things that you've so readily accepted as a fact of life. Note to self: Question everything! I had long forgotten that in my home country, toilet usage is free. In Germany, the public bathrooms are usually so darn clean that I happily fork over the fifty cents while remembering prior bathroom experiences in France and Mexico where I didn't have to pay...the only world that fits these flashes from the past is Yeah. So, as I was saying, free bathrooms can be a rarity in good 'ol Deutschland. Of course, kiddos always come in handy and people in bars, restaurants, etc. neverever question a mom with a little person holiding his crotch. Well, on those days you're out and about without a child, gotta do number one or two, for that matter, and just happen to be in Würzburg, I have just the place for you. I was so excited yesterday when my husband, all aglow knowing something that would knock my socks off, showed me his favorite bathroom in Würzburg. I heart him! Here it is, folks. Ta-da my newest hot spot...the bathroom in the Dom. The Dom is the big church in the city center. You go in the main door, take a sharp right, go through the doorway (see first pic below), down the ramp, hang a left, walk down the hall (see second pic below), go up the short flight of stairs, and wa-la...the cleanest, freest, holiest bathroom in Würzburg!

Happy Sunday! In celebration of men who find pretty potties for their ladies...

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