October 26, 2010

Today's randomness. Germans start counting with their thumb, not index finger. Parents get paid "Kindergeld" (direct deposit of coldhardcash) every month for every child they have. Children get this money until they are eighteen and are elligible to get it until they are twenty-five if they study or are being schooled for a specific job . There is no fresh fat-free milk in Germany, only 1.5% a.k.a. fettarme Milch or 3.5% a.k.a. Vollmilch. Tax is already included in the price; the price you see is the price you pay. When writing the date, dots not commas are used and the day comes before the month, i.e. 22.10.2010 or 22.Oktober.2010. The fine for not having a parking ticket is often cheaper than the fine for having a parking ticket, but coming too late. "Koriander" is cilantro...I just learned this little tidbit myself and was thrilled!

Happy Tuesday.

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