November 22, 2010


Somewhat hidden, but so worth taking the time to find is the Asian restaurant, Chinatown. The owner recently told us that he'll be closing his doors in January, so I decided it was high time to recommend going to this hot spot. Every time we've gone, I swear I'm going to try something new, but always end up ordering the "Peking Ente". You have to call a couple days ahead and pre-order this dish, but be's addictive! There are four courses and the whole shabang costs about 13 Euro, drinks excluded. Most associate duck with fatty dishes full of calories, but this isn't the case at Chinatown. Traditionally prepared, the Peking Ente is a culinary dish from Beijing that has been filling the bellies of the Chinese since the imperial era. It takes about three hours to get through all the courses and is definitely a must-do in Würzburg, especially considering that Chinatown is closing in January!

I noticed that another blogger in Würzburg also raved about this feast in 2008, so I thought a little reminder wouldn't hurt. Treat yourself before the holidays; it's an expierence you won't forget all too soon. December 6th is just around the corner and maybe you still need a gift? Look no further! Just remember to call ahead and reserve your duck: Barbarastraße 45, 97074 Würzburg. 0931.86942.

Ente gut, alles gut!

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