August 10, 2011


It's the age I'm about to be and I'm excited, folks. There's new energy and I'm looking forward to the adventures ahead. I decided to become certified to teach bodyART after reading about this great gift that Germany is offering. If you meet the criteria (which isn't all that difficult), you will be awarded up to 500 Euro to "study" something. It can be anything. Absolutely anything! So, I opted for Robert Steinbacher's bodyART program and I'm all aglow. I've been doing yoga for seven years and pilates for two, so I'm happy to be continuing in the direction I've been going in. I must admit, though, I have no idea what these upcoming weekends will entail, what I should pack, if I'll understand everything, or where I'm going to stay; all I know is that I will sweat my popus off and be in Munich. Crazy as it sounds, surprises are my secret drug and I think I would wallow up without them. With kids, most every minute is planned or evolves around an upcoming "plan". I'm finding that, as necessary as organisation is, I need a little bit of space devoted to the unknown, a little bit of space devoted to me. The unknown balances the order of the everyday out and helps ease that little mite of screaming rebel inside.

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