April 21, 2011

Hey out there in cyberspace! Some of you may have noticed the dustballs collecting in the corners of my blog. I admit. I've been slacking. I realized that the folks I was posting about, namely my boys and husband, were getting the short end of the stick; blogging was consuming more time than I had ever imagined and I was neglecting some of the people I loved the most. There were years when time dripped like honey, when the boys were at home and my days were simple blocks of time tables. I was tending to the nest, changing diapers, feeding little mouths, busying tiny hands, and putting growing bodies to bed. It was amazing being able to observe the everyday, wallowing in the drip-drop of time ticking by. The last couple of years, though, the pace has picked up and the days, hours, moments are zooming by so fast that I have to jump off the merry-go-round, dizzy with the buzz of life, to let a moment, any moment, sink in. My oldest son, once a preemie weighing two pounds, can fit into my shoes and will be graduating from elementary school (grundschule) next year! My youngest son is loosing the last bits of his chubbines and with his loss, I realize that I am loosing my baby. I need to stay focused on these guys; I need to stay focused on the moments at hand. I love blogging and will not give it up entirely, but right now I.need.to.watch.them.grow and I can't do that if I'm here...


Allison said...

I had been wondering where you have been hiding... wow, things get busier as the little ones get older?!? Hmmmph! I was hoping that things would slow down a bit. Tja, I've thought about for quite some time now if I should give up on my blog too... lots of work, so many other things to do, but I've not decided anything yet. I hope you're able to manage a post every once in a while... I love the way you write and so much of what you say is one big "head nod" for me since I go through it too.

Happy summer!

Anonymous said...

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