February 21, 2011

Hallway Love

We've been in our apartment long enough to loose eight teeth, go on six vacations, and celebrate our cat, Mikey's, second birthday, so I'm quite relieved to announce that the eyesore I've fondly referred to as my hallway is finally complete! It's a weird shape with a stairway at the end going down to the bottom floor, so color is still a topic I have to tackle. But, after more than 600 days of contemplating what the heck to do with this baby, I finally found a solution thanks to two scarves and a honkey a.k.a. cross-bred wooden figure with a horse's mane and fiesta donkey colors that I stumbled upon while browsing two of my favorite haunts last week...

Just so you know how miserablely horrifying (great word, Carolyn) our hallway was before I spent four "mäuse" on stuff I neverever thought I'd own:

Here's the pimped version sin color on the walls, but a bit cheerier nonetheless:

See those babies on the back wall and the honkey on the dresser? They set me on fire. Soon I hope to get the scarves into larger frames, but for now Ikea medium-sized will do just fine! Here's a close-up:

I love closing a decor-chapter! Don't you? What are non-print things that you've framed??

Happy Monday!


Allison said...

This looks really great! I have the smaller version of this dresser in my bedroom... don't you just love Ikea?!?

I had someone send me some lovely cards a while back. They were so pretty that I had to frame them and they are now in my guest bedroom.

Julie said...

Thanks, Allison! I do love this dresser and Ikea for storage solutions. We keep all of our shoes in this baby; for the first time in years I have something that holds all the junk that flies around the hallway. I can finally relax with a tidy flur when unexpected guests pop by :-).

I've framed cards, too. I'd love to see yours!

Artist in the Arctic said...

The hallway looks great Jules! Love the festive wooden horse and those scarves! You've always had such a good eye. xo

Carolyn said...

This LOOKS GREAT! I am jealous. Love your framed scarves! I have pieces of that single sheet wrapping (?) paper they sell at book stores framed in our living room...it was the only decent pattern/print I could find. I do think it's such an easy way to get some art. One day I'll find a wondey Vera scarf and frame it up! Way to de-horrify your life!