June 18, 2010

New in town

Hey. Come on in. Sit down for a spell. This is my first day here and I'd love some company. I never was one for diary-keeping, but I loved writing in high school and college. I wrote whenever I had the chance; I did it for years and then suddenly stopped. Life got busy and I had other things on my mind. Lately, though, I've been spending time getting in shape and eating right; in the midst of it all, I realized that my brain was getting a bit mushy. I realized that I had been neglecting the ultimate thing I was striving for: peace of body AND mind. My body was stretched, strong, and at peace, but my mind wasn't. It was tired and restless; it was pacing around and keeping me awake at night. So I came here.

"eins plus mit stern" is German; I borrowed this great prase from my five year old son. It means "A+ with a star". I love this phrase and am finding out that the everyday is overflowing with sweet treasures; sweet treasures that, if noticed, truly deserve the rating "eins plus mit stern". This blog will celebrate life's sweetness; its posts will be my pennies for a rainy day when all is gray and gloomy; it will remind me, maybe even you too, that life, in its simplicity, is, without a doubt, divine...

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