June 27, 2010

Our neighbors had their neice over for the weekend. So sweet. She was the same age as my oldest son, but my youngest son ended up falling in love (as much as you can fall as a six-year-old). This morning she came over before her parents picked her up and N. pulled her aside and, as he handed her a picture he drew, said, "I made this for you". Nothing more, nothing less. So simple, but oh-so-sweet. It was the biggest gift, the most valuable gift, he could give and I melted. Today, we expect so much from life and from our partners, but, in the end, what it all boils down to is: less is more. The littlest things, the coffee in the morning, the dinner cooked at night, mean more because time is of the essence. Time is the one thing that money can't buy; the time people spend with you is a true love gift. I do not remember the presents my parents gave me, but I do remember the afternoons I spent with my father at Antone's (a great liitle sandwich shop in Houston) or the days my mom picked me up from school. I remember the time they took to spend with me; the time they took out of their busy days for me, just me, told me that they loved me.

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