August 16, 2010

If a color could describe my mood right now at this very moment, this is what it'd be. It'd be this light, airy, dreamy, floating-a-few-inches-above-the-ground kinda blue; the shade of blue that makes you happy just looking at it. The waiting is almost over and everyone is aglow. It's the anxious anticipation of f-a-m-i-l-y, warm nights, good food, days by the pool, dark espresso, and chitter-chatter while waiting for the bathroom (10 people, 2 WCs) that has put the spring in our step. Three cheers for my folks, those who are here and those who are packing up and moving in our direction. Three cheers for the airlines that connect us. Three cheers for vacation and this sweet shade of blue.

+pictures courtesy of me, Eckhaus in Würzburg, and House of Turquise

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Carolyn said...

So fun! You are right to savor it up!