August 31, 2010

"Pops of red". This is a new phrase I just learned (proof it really is time to visit Ami-Land) and decided to run with it for this post. I have two boys and even though I love red, I really l-o-v-e-d it when I was pregnant. I knew that I was pregnant with both boys before I even took a test because I was suddenly drawn to red like none other. With my youngest, I went so far as to paint my dining room a fire engine red, only to re-paint it a creamy color after N. ventured out into the bright big world. When I was pregnant with my oldest, I bought up everysinglesolitary bit of red I could get my hands on, shocking myself the entire time 'cause it was never really in my color pallete; only when I took a pregnancy test a day later did I realize that my craving for reds was due to the little person growing inside. Like I said, I love red, but only in post-pregnancy-pops. Here's a sampling of what I'm talkin' about...

Love my baby sis' red shirt.
The plastic red cups were just the thing for yummy margaritas.

Wish I could grow geraniums like these.
Flower arrangements courtesy of my six-year-old.
Want some water with your pizza?
Recognize this lady? What about the glass?
My dad and his sweet pop of red.
Here's the pizza that went with that water. Love that red!
In celebration of splashes of color. What colors do you like to be splashed about?


rkomar said...

Loved the striking photographs and the memories that go along with them. Ah! to be sitting on that terrace now, enjoying the view and the sun. Three cheers for Bella Italia.

Dad...whose favorite color is blue.

Carolyn said...

cute sisters!