August 05, 2010

(Me and my sistah eating tex-mex in 2007. Where does the time go??)

Yesterday, on a whim, I made tex-mex for the boys, my dad, and the neighbors. Other than my family and the hothotsun, tex-mex is hands down one of the things I miss most about the Lone Star State. My hubby and I fondly remember the $1 margarita nights and sizzling fajitas at Casa Ole or the yummy rice and taco al carbons at Ignacio's. When we've had it with feeding on meal memories from bygone days, we break down and whip up a little tex-mex over here. Granted, it's just not as fun when you gotta wash up on an overly full belly, but a couple's gotta do what a couple's gotta do. Yeah, so as I was saying. We made tex-mex for lunch and then quesadillas with the leftovers for dinner. Now would you believe my lovely neighbor had neverever had quesadillas before?! She was like a kid in a candy store and all I could do was smile. We fed the kids and then began creating on our own. We made quesadillas with cheese and chicken, with taco meat and arugula (sounds a bit weird, but was awesome!), and then with feta, a tomatoey pesto sauce, arugula, and fresh tomatoes. It was one of those great kitchen adventures without chairs, order, or a real plan. We ate, quesadillaed, gabbed, and sipped on "erdbeer limes" deep into the night. Delightful, divine, and delicious. Five minutes ago, my neighbor's eight-year-old daughter proudly brought over a quesadilla that she'd made all by herself. That sweet gesture prompted this post and made my day knowing that I'd spread a little tex-mex love!

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Carolyn said...

We've been making homemade guac over here like it's going out of style and, as always, have to whip up some quesadillas to smother it on. YUM. I'm scared the avocados are going out of season soon!