September 09, 2010


Did you know that in Bavaria...there are no lockers or tote trays in schools, the average price of a elementary schooler's backpack is one hundred euros, first graders get out at eleven fifteen twice a week, children go through the first four years of school with the same class, there are no schoolbuses per se, but rather public buses that run more frequently during school hours, children don't get real report cards with grades until the end of the second grade, the preferred writing utensil at school is a calligraphy pen, there are no water fountains or snack machines on school premises, teachers don't have a dress code, when you are a senior you can excuse yourself from school, kids can run at recess and don't have to be quiet between classes, school supplies aren't pre-packaged, real candles light the wreaths at Christmas, beer is served at all school functions?


In celebration of different cultures and remembering your own childhood...

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Allison said...

I had no idea that those funny looking little backpacks were that expensive! Let's see... B.J. is now six months old and if we start saving now, by the time he goes to school we should be able to pay for one!

I find the going to class with the same students and often the same teachers to be a little strange. I remember when I taught school, I was glad that I had some students for only ONE semester. (and I think they were glad too!)

Minus the snack machines is not all bad... beer at school functions... what is any function in Germany without beer?!?