September 08, 2010


Hip-Hip-Hooray. I did it! I put the boys down before eight. Six weeks of way late bedtimes and too early mornings makes for hard days at the beginning of the new school year. But, I'm ahead of the game, my friends. The boys go back to school next week and it was time to remind them how good it feels to go to bed at a decent hour. OK. Remind is probably a bit too mild. I firmly cemented both my feet to the ground and demanded they go to bed using that mommy voice I hate, you know the no-fun, stick-in-the-mud, mommy-knows-best voice? They protested and screamed out woes of still vacation, grumbling bellies, potty calling, water for a dry throat, about to throw up because I'm allergic to toothpaste, and one more itsybitsy storytime tale, but I didn't give in. Peter Rabbit has already gone to bed, so should you. No more water. Remember the dinner you just ate ten minutes ago?? That's it. I stuck to my guns. Give this mama a pat on the back. Oh no. Might have to take that fresh back pat back. I hear pitter-patting. Someone's coming up the stairs. Stay strong. Keep your feet down. You know they're exhausted. Got it. Did it. I sent my oldest back to bed, flashing him the hairy eyeball, stern mommy face, as he protested through deep, heaving sobs that he.was.not.tired. and I hate using the hairy eyeball, stern mommy face before bedtime. But it is was worth it, people, 'cause a mere five minutes post alter ego those babies are sound asleep with a capital "s". I just checked on my little pedal pushers and they were snoring their little hearts out. Not tired my bellybutton! I'm off to give myself a big, fat, smiley...and an ice, cold bier!

In celebration of still knowing when your babes are tired even when they're not babes anymore...

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