September 27, 2010

I've been practicing admitting I blog in front of the mirror and still find myself blushing when peeps mention they've dropped in to einsplus or I by chance see my site on someone else's computer. What did I think would happen when I filled in the website blank on Facebook?? Go figure! Well, between you, me, and the other two people reading this, it makes me happy that people are droppin' in even if I'm still trying to get past the whole "am I narcissistic?" issue and stay focused on the fact that blogging just makes me happy. It makes me happy that my family calls me up and says they stopped by the 'ol bloggy-poo; it makes me happy that my mom notices when I haven't blogged; it makes me happy that I now know my dad's favorite color is blue because he commented on one of my posts; it makes me happy that I have my very first follower as of last week; it makes me happy that friends took my website addition on FB to heart, and it makes me happy playing with a language, my language, again after all these years. So, this is it. I guess this here is my coming out in the blogosphere. Let me straighten my shoulders and ah-hem until the frog is out before I say, loud and clear: "My name is Julie and I have a blog. I don't have a business I'm trying to market or goods I'm trying to sell, I just blog. That's it. No more, no less".
Good night and good luck!


rkomar said...

Here's a champagne toast to Julie the Blogger, who also happens to be my daughter and firstborn... yea! blogging. Yea! daughter.

Ray aka Dad

Carolyn said...

Yeah blogging. You are quite a natural.