September 26, 2010

image courtesy of paper tiger
I've been daydreaming lately, been tiptoeing off to distant lands, wondering where we'll be in four years. It seems so far away, this year off we've circled on our calender, that I promised myself I wouldn't do what I've been doing until it gets a bit closer. But it's hard to help 'cause everyone has been letting our year off "chasing summer" (thanks AK) slip into everyday conversations at the table, in the bus, on walks home from school. I like that my head is not the only one filling with thoughts of faraway lands. I like that four different people with four different lives and four different personalities are beginning to focus on doing one thing together. Big H. and I weren't (and still aren't sure) how the boys will do spending an entire year with us, the parentals, but the fact that I hear the little people talking about safaris in Africa, ponies in Island, moose-hunting in Alaska, and mountain climbing in South America gives me hope that it will all be okay.

What about you, what do you daydream about?

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