September 03, 2010

I stumbled upon these words of wisdom the other day while surfing the web and they stopped me in my tracks. When I first came to Germany in my mid-twenties, my comfort zone looked like this:

Kinda wild. Mismatched. Ready to pack up and move at the drop of a hat. Open for anything and everything. No fear...except of Texas cockroaches, places way high up, and being without a book. In my early thirties, my comfort zone looked like this: 

Still a bit wild, but a tad more ordered, matched, cushiony, and with indoor plumbing. Today, two years away from the big four-oh, it looks a bit like this:

Now, this comfort zone has done what it set out to do, namely wrap me up in warm coziness when I am feeling foreign, homesick, or just plain bad. Not a truely horrible thing, but it's high time to step out of my pretty-pillowed, pink-infused, sweet-smelling space on occasion and rock out in my teepee. I haven't done it in awhile and it's overdue with a capital "o". What about you? How does your comfort zone look?

+pictures courtesy of La Maison Boheme

Happy Friday.

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Artist in the Arctic said...

This is a great post!
I love your evolution of space : )