July 10, 2010

Main Döner

It's a wonderful 35°C outside and getting warmer. It's too hot to cook (we don't have ac in Germany to blast in our face while the oven's on) and I just can't eat another salad, so the fam and I went out to eat for lunch today. One of our verymostfavorite places to go to right now is Main Döner. Here you find all kinds of Turkish delights: döner (shaved meat, lettuce, and veggies in pita-like bread), dürüm (shaved meat, lettuce, and veggies wrapped in an extra big tortilla), borek (feta and spinach or meat wrapped and baked in philo dough), and much more. I never had Turkish (fast) food before coming to Germany, but, in my opinion, it really is the best slow food served fast. I especially like Main Döner because: they make their own bread, is family owned, has a variety of freshly-prepared veggies, sauces, and salads, does not ever let the dürüm bread get crispy while being warmed in the oven, and, if you order the vegetarian dürüm, you get both feta and grilled eggplant in lue of meat (at most places you have to choose). I just started eating less meat and have fallen head over heals in love with the vegetarian dürüm at this place. Centrally-located in the Sanderau, Main Döner has shady sitting outside and ample sitting inside, a (clean) public bathroom, great "sandwiches" packed full of lots of healthy stuff, super friendly service, and their prices are more than reasonable. I have been eating döners in and around Würzburg (dare I say it?) for almost two decades and, Main Döner is, in my opinion, one of the hottest spots in town right now. Thus, I happily give it an "einsplusmitstern" and wish you all "guten appetit"!


Ralf said...

Eating döner at this heat is not what i'm built for. Ok, maybe at nighttime. But eating grilled meat, buried in a slushy pitta bread and mixed with garlic dressing (i lave garlic) that urges you to drink liters of water the rest of the day - and that all while the sun is toasting my skin more than the bread is toasted ... no. Döner is made for winter ... and when i look in the mirror, only one or two times in winter ... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love the Doner! Summer or Winter - sign me up!