July 09, 2010


Our only option today: water! The last couple summers, we took the boys to Randersacker to cool off. This delightful little wine village lays on the banks of the Main River and has a small stretch of beach (a.k.a. the Franconian Riviera) that's absolutely perfect for small children -the first few meters of water aren't too deep, there's a Döner-Büde right around the corner, and the kids are always within eyeshot. However, this summer, both boys (adult as they are) refused to go to Randersacker, saying it was "too baby" and "everyone's at Dalle (Dallengbergbad)". Well, with no other choice but to bite the bullet, we decided to brave Dalle and, surprisesurprise, we actually kinda liked it. Granted, it's bigger than a couple soccer fields put together and you have to keep an eagle-eye out for your kiddos, but it has a baby pool, a small play area with sand, a diving pool with diving boards of different heights, two water slides, a middle-sized pool with a slight incline (with steps and a ramp), an enormous rope jungle gym, a beach volleyball court, an eatery with reasonable prices, lots of big shady trees, and, last but not least, the most amazing views. The views are really what got my two thumbs up for Dalle; I never noticed them before, but they are breathtaking. Just one example: walking up the pathway to one of the two water slides, you not only see the fortress peeking out from behind the trees to your right, but you see Dirk Nowitzki's house to your left (oh hey Dirk). Dalle is a bit elevated and its surroundings truly set it apart from the rest of the pools in the area. In closing, Dalle is my first einsplusmitstern hot spot in Würzburg: the admission prices are reasonable, the bathrooms are clean, the location is sweeeet, the amenties are awesome, annnd you can even earn 4 Euro at the end of the day (they pay those willing to pick trash up before closing). Tomorrow I'll be goin' back to Dalle and you??!

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