July 11, 2010

Hot days in Germany and lovin' it. There's something about the days where the sun heats up the town over 90°F; either you're in some body of water (most likely, a pool of your choice) or in your house with the blinds drawn. The pool is a pretty forseeable option, but at around 2:00 pm, it's jam-packed and filled to the rim. My hubby told me today that, on good days, more than 6,000 bodies go through the gates at the public pool around the corner. So, yeah, the pool. It's good, but, for me not an all-day option. Which leaves me with option number two: blinds drawn and holed up indoors. Now this was a totally new concept for me when I arrived in Germany in the late 90s. I mean indoors after the sun has finally decided to come out, after promising the weather man everysinglesolitary day in March, April, May, and June your firstborn child if he would just do you the favor and predict sun? Really??! Uh-huh. It's true and actually kinda fun. It's like you've been given a free day off where you're forced to remain indoors, motionless, only doing things that require null energy, eating ice-cream, drinking homeade iced-tea, and reading a book between naps. For mommies, this is a dream come true. Everyone lets you be and do what you please because they are too hot to register that you are sitting (usually before your bottom even hits a cushy surface, sweet little people begin crying out, "I need" or "Could you get" or "I am"). The summers in Germany are made all the more sweeter by days such as these; lazy water-infused, sun-soaked days of utter bliss that would not be as delightful if all you had to do was flip on a switch to find reprieve.

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