July 12, 2010

Sometimes it pays to go to bed early. In the summer, getting kids to go to bed is like trying to get bubble-gum out of hair. Last night, though, the boys were showered off and sleeping by 8:00 pm. Since it's gotten warmer, the summer routine has dominated our days. The bedtime story has been replaced by biking and playing with friends; dinner is outside with the neighbors, not inside with the fam, and five o'clock is chimmed in with the clinking of glasses, celebrating the end of a day at the office. Divine, but after a few weeks, things start to backfire, little kids start to get grumpy, and the summer routine demands a break. Last night, we took that break and excused ourselves from the festivities celebrating the end of the World Cup, put the kids to bed at a reasonable hour, and stayed home. It's never easy being the odd one out, but last night, as the house quieted down and the babies were tucked in tight before the first vuvuzela tooted, it was oh-so-worth-it. Over the last couple of weeks, the sweet serentity of bedtime had been tainted by arguing, crying, and begging, by tired little boys who refused to admit that they were tired. I don't like days to end on that note and the mornings are usually not much better. This morning, though, I was rewarded with happy children who had had a solid sleep; I was rewarded with smiling faces and contented souls. Sleep is a precious commodity that does wonders for big and little people alike.

I heart sleep.


Laura said...

I couldn't agree more! Both boys slept through the night last night = i did also and I feel alive! :-)
Although we did let big brother stay up for a bit to watch the WC final. But he fell asleep on the couch. We also have problems getting them to bed because it's "still so light out, mama!" Laura in Ludwigsburg

Allison said...

Hi Julie,

Mine is now sleeping, which means I can comment on your blog. Thanks for stopping by! It really is an adjustment living in a new country. I've been in Germany now for about 3 1/2 years... Northern Germany, just outside of Hamburg. Where are you?

Loved your post about "knowing when it's time to visit Ami-Land"! I laughed so hard. My husband came home two weeks ago, puffed up proud chest showing me his latest purchase... an air conditioner. His jaw dropped and was quite puzzled when I told him later that I was too cold.

Sometimes it's really annoying when I try to tell a story to my folks and have to ask my German husband what is the English word for....

Schöne grüße aus Norderstedt.

P.S. are you raising your kids bi-lingual?