November 11, 2010

For years, I've been complaining about the weather in Germany. Sorry folks, but it's true. Don't get me wrong, I adore Germany and its four seasons, but the long winters with rain in the spring do occasionally force me to turn to alcohol come mid-March. Considering my aversion to rain and my respect of the cold winter ahead, I was a bit nervous about willingly packing up my things and heading to Ireland, smack-dab into five straight days of rain and drizzle. Yes, we checked the forecast ahead of time. I not only surprised myself by not being bothered by the weather (high fives for growing up and not caring), but I was pleasantly surprised by the Irish and their take on the rain and its relatives, wind, cold, drizzle, and mugginess. Their attitude was nothing less than "damnit if we're gonna let this cheeky 'ol rain get in our way of havin' fun and lookin' sassy". Their get-go attidude toward the cold, windy weather was delightful and it kept my spirits high. Check out these pics. Please notice our winter gear; it was darn cold, folks!

No rubber boots here! Stayin' sassy with Christian Louboutin's hot shoes!
the umbrella-fashion! Talk about makin' lemonade...
Most pubs had their own "umbrellas" with gas heaters so their guests could sit outside year 'round!
In Galway, folks swam in the Atlantic as if it were a hot, sunny day. Respect!
See, they're doing laps. No screams, no rushing in and out, just peaceful exercise in freezing cold water.
The people swimming in the Atlantic really got us feeling a little, well actually a lot, whimpy. There we were in jackets, scarves, and hats freezing our tushes off, wishing we were brave enough to swim so we could get some of the soul-warming hot whiskey they were serving in the dressing room, and there the Galwayans were, swimming in bathing suits, doing laps, laughing as they leisurely walked into the frigid ocean water. Seriously, if I could give the Irish an big, fat award for making the most of the weather and livin' it up despite the rain, I would. But, in the end, I guess the big 'ol spirit in the sky already did:

The luck of the Irish and the gold at the end of the rainbow! They deserve it!!

In celebration of living like every day is summer and being reminded that life is what you make it out to be...

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Juliette said...

We seem to making a small bunch of Irish friends since we moved here and I smell a trip to Ireland in the distance, but I have to say the rainy factor is such a deterrent for me! My husband's been so many times and loves it there, so I'm sure I'll go no matter what, but nice to see a traveler with a similar perspective!