November 10, 2010

Central, Würzburg's newest arthouse theater, needs YOU!

My little "bitte" for this sunny Wednesday. There's a new arthouse movie theater in town and it goes by the name of Central. It's the only arthouse theater in Bavaria that is owned by a "Genossenschaft" or co-op and we've been patiently awaiting its opening in Würzburg since Corso Kino closed down last December. It is one of the three initatives nominated by Bayern2 for this year's "miteinander" award that recognizes volunteer group projects in Bavaria. This coming Friday the winner will be announced; although all three canidates for this prize will receive money, the 10,000 Euro that will be awarded to the first place winner would definitely give this newly-born cinema something to shout about. Please click on the link below and vote for this amazing initiative that Würzburg is so lucky to have. Your vote will get us one click further to solidifying Central's future in this great town.

Just go to this link. There you will see three pictures of the three different initiatives nominated for this award. Würzburg's Central Programmkino is in the middle. Click on the little circle next to the picture and viola!, we're one step further. Thanks for your help!!

In celebration of not being arthouse-cinemaless any longer...

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Amy Komar said...

I did it Jules! I want to see that theatre in Wurzburg! xo