November 01, 2010

Halloween: Part I

Halloween. The festivities began on Saturday (gotta love Germany) with a birthday/pumkin carving event at our neighbors. I, Miss Left-Handed herself, carved my veryfirst pumkin and was blown away by how advanced the whole process has become. Seriously, it seems like yesterday that we scooped and heaved, heaved and scooped the pumkin's inner mush out with mom's old spoons, then drew scary faces on with black markers, and then, after all was said and done, painfully carved out the little monster's face, sweating and cursing all the while. Not the case today. I learned, from my German neighbors, mind you, that there are tools, even kits that make your carving experience stress-free and sweatless.

Tool one: The scoop that effortlessly helps remove the mush.
Tool two: The pattern for your pumkin.
Tool three: The pin you use to outline the pattern (goodbye black markers!).
Tool four: The little saw you use to carve out the pin-poked-pre-pattern.
Tool five: The energy drink.
The result.
Most of the pumpkins were carved out by, are you ready for this, children! Awesome, huh??! Now granted, all of the above tools probably came from the US of A, but to me they are hottest things on the German market. Neverever in my life have I had such an easy-peasy pumkin carving experience. Gotta love innovation!!

Happy day after.

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Carolyn said...

We went to a wine tasting, cheese pairing party last night with our friends and carved pumpkins after drunkness...and taught some Swedes how to do it...theirs were better than all of ours. And, we definitely had one of those carver knifes in the mix that everyone waited on using. Love the cat punkin!