November 02, 2010

Going to the movies in Germany. Sweet popcorn, not salty, is the rage over here. Ticket prices vary depending on where you sit in the theater. Usually a Langnesse ice-cream commercial is run before the film starts; way back when, less than a decade ago, the lights would be switched on after the commercial and someone would come in selling ice-cream. You can drink beer in the movie theater. When I first came to Germany, you could even smoke while watching the newest flick. If you are going to Cinemaxx with a friend and wanna go all out, ticket plus treats, it is surprisingly cheaper to buy the "Geschenke Box 2010". In the bigger movie theaters, there is usually salty and sweet popcorn, but at the smaller, privately-owned theaters, there's usually only sweet. Foreign films are more often than not dubbed over. If you wanna see a film in the original language, look for "OV" (original Version) in the program.

Happy Tuesday.

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Allison said...

They shut down the only English speaking theatre in our area a few years ago... I really miss it. I can understand an original German movie easier than I can a dubbed version... perhaps it will come in time.

BUT we are planning a "date night" (maybe dinner and a movie) when my hubby and I fly in! Can't wait!