December 15, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 15

image courtesy of Domino Mag via Living Better Together
image courtesy of Anna Sage

I've been in Germany for almost two decades (yikes!). You'd think all the wrinkles would have been ironed out by now. Well, let me let you in on a little secret...they haven't! One of the hot topics around our household that somehow seems to creep up this time of year is when Santa's going to come. My husband grew up opening his gifts on Christmas Eve and I grew up opening them on Christmas Day. Our solution? You've heard of fusion foods, well we've created fusion holidays. In our household, both the Weinachtsmann and Santa come; heck they probably meet at the corner bar sometime in between to complain about the rat race we're making them run! The boys don't seem to notice or mind, for that matter, and the big people can rest easy. It's all about not giving in (jawohl!) and fusioning seems to work the best. All joking aside, I kind of like the fact that both the Weihnachtsmann and St.Nick take the time to drop by. However, the "discussing" doesn't stop here. Once we agree to disagree about Santa's arrival, we begin "discussing" when we're going to put the tree up. Me?? I like it up early, like as in the day after Black Friday (never mind the fact that I'm just too chaotic to ever realize this!). Hubby? He, like a few other folks I know, likes his baum fresh, as in still dripping sap, and opts for the 24th. However, usually the gal who does the decorating wins this "discussion" and we get the greenery up sometime in between. Yep. I guess this, too, falls under the category of holiday-fusion. It's all wurst anyhow; hauptsächlich we're together for Christmas! What about you? How do you solve different holiday traditions? Do you think it's a cultural thing or familial??

Happy Wed-nes-day.


Allison said...

My husband is pretty easy going about things, and I don't think he has any "I will not be moved" issues to work around for Christmas. This year we are spending Christmas at home and starting our own traditions. I'm not an early day after Black Friday girl, but I also don't want to deal with a tree on the 24th when it should be about relaxing. My tree is still not up, but we've had jet lag, colds, and cleaning the house from top to bottom to deal with too. We'll probably only do one Santa/Weinachtsman and I really don't care which day he show up, but I have to admit that I really wish there was such a man that would actually show up and do all the work!

Julie said...

Ha! A Christmas assistant would be nice! We startet the Santa thing when the boys were older and, I must admit, it's kinda fun having both the Weihnachtsmann and St.Nick drop by. I, like you, think that the 24th is a tad too late for a tree and I hope to get ours up this weekend. We'll see!

I hope you guys get to feeling better. Jet lag is the pits, especially with little ones. I remember cratering after a couple days 'cause I was so exhausted.

Artist in the Arctic said...

I miss you and your fusion holidays.