December 16, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 16

In the spring, I was fortunate enough to take part in a power yoga workshop led by Bryan Kest. Seven months later, I am still on fire because of the three hours I spent with him. I wrote about the workshop here, but today I'd like to share a meditation that he did at the end of class. I am not really an om-er and I feel a little funny meditating with others, so when Bryan annouced thirty minutes before closing that we were going to meditate, all I could do was surrender. He told us to sit in a comfortable position, take a deep breath, and close our eyes. Then, he quietly said he wanted us to spend five minutes thinking about all the things we were grateful for. That was it. No more, no less. I sat there with my eyes closed and, for five solid minutes, focused on all the things I was thankful for. The list calmed me. It took me farfar away, back to morning coffees with my sisters in Arizona, kangarooing in the hospital after my sons were born, surprising my mom in her pjs, breaking down with my dad the day before I left the US for Germany, driving to the vet with my brother and Charlie, going to TGI Friday's in my wedding dress, meeting my husband's family for the first time. My thankfulness went on and on. I drove around with friends in my Monte Carlo, ate queso and drank DP with C., laughed in the park with people I haven't seen in years. The five minutes I spent thinking about moments and people I was grateful for transported me and made me feel wrapped, secure, loved.

I was meditating and it was divine.

Today, I challenge you, I challenge ME, to take five minutes out of your day, out of MY day, to sit in silence, and

Happy Thursday.

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