December 22, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 22

I asked my middle sister, Amy, blog author and artist in Alaska, to guest post five minutes after I published my announcement that I was gonna countdown to Christmas almost thirty days ago and she said yes without blinking an eye. She has a wonderful thing for multiples and it seemed fitting to have her take over this post today. Without further ado, this is what AK had to say:

What’s the best thing about a Christmas that takes close to 24 hours to get to and where there are oceans to cross and time zones to propel you into a whole new day, twice?

Here’s a hint. I’ve spent a one-hand count of my 33 Christmas’s there. Here’s another. I am slowly losing my family to this place. You know The Komars? Then you know I’m talking about Germany. Who would’ve guessed it would be the new home base for my adult years?? You see my sister married and moved there over a decade ago and my parents were next. I believe they are approaching ten years themselves. It is actually quite cool to have half my family in Germany, with the exception of missing out on mid week spontaneous dinners and drop by for coffee in the afternoon. Life has a way of surprising though, this I know.
Back to the business of this best thing. Aside from spending time in a country that knows how to create an aesthetic that I am sure must have been the grassroots movements of cozy. Ok. Give me a minute. There are real candles on trees and lining windows, gluwein at the Christmas markets, the smell of warm, sugary, roasting nuts, still warm bread, handmade stars from natural things hang in windows, perfectly detailed store displays, scarves, mittens and hats. Germany is something else, a delightful surprise I didn’t even see coming. For real now – This best thing about Christmas in Germany is:
sisters, nephews and being a part of a family where love is stitched all the way through. Mmm hmm.
My two sisters, Amy and Katie, with our boys
Oh and there is the food.

And movies in pajamas. Stop me before I get to morning coffee + conversation. There are cold walks into the city and a general feeling of content and connection.  It is treasured and threefold and tucked into pocket. It is held close and smiled upon often. It’s all about the people in life and recycling that love back into the world isn’t it?  This holiday season has me thinking about this. Wishing you and yours the merriest of merries.


Stela James said...

I am eagerly waiting for this precious day.

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Carolyn said...

How fun to have your sister post. Christmas truly is marvelous over here. (Hey, Austria counts too. :) )

Julie said...

Austria so does count :-)!! There's just something about Christmas over here that gets me giddy. Hope your holidays are merry and sin jet lag!