December 03, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 3

image courtesy of Academic Dictionaries
It is crazy snowing over here in Europe, so crazy, in fact, that the Frankfurt airport is in a frenzy, our kitty-cat, an outdoorsman through and through, stays out just long enough to remind the world who's boss, and folks in Poland are skiing to work! Today, I ventured out with the 'ol auto for the first time since Frau Holle a.k.a. Mother Hulda began fluffing her pillows and I'm sure prompted a few "scheißes" from fellow drivers with my turtle-pace. This cowgirl's just not used to driving in s.n.o.w and i.c.e; it always takes a good week or two until my head stops stops screaming "jesusmaryandjoseph" as I make my way from point A to point B. In celebration of surviving the first automated trek this winter, I made myself a little something that my neighbor introduced me to the other week. It's heavenly. Seriously, have you ever had anything with cream that doesn't taste divine??! Here's a little visual:

To make it, you'll need a half cup of Amaretto, three tablespoons of heavy cream (Schlagsahne), and a small glass for each serving you plan on making. Heat the Amaretto slowly. If you heat it too quickly, the alcohol will evaporate and that'd be just plain sad! Whip your cream about thirty seconds. It shouldn't be too stiff or too runny, but in the end it really doesn't matter, 'cause either way it tastes delish. Fill each glass with a half-cup of hot Amaretto and then add three (or more) tablespooons of cream on top. Great for warming your soul or calming your nerves after a day out (driving) in the cold...

Happy December 3rd!


Artist in the Arctic said...

Oh those germans and their fancy napkins! Love it and it looks good. I cringed a little thinking of the hill you have to drive down with ice on it...scary!!

Allison said...

Looks divine... will definitely have to try it.

Luckily we missed all the snow at the airport by one day. That sure would not have been fun... thirty hours flying and then having to overnight it in the airport!