December 04, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 4

image courtesy of Salisbury Festival

When thinking about what I was going to post twenty-five days in a row, I must admit I broke into a light sweat after realizing what I had promised. Twenty-five posts with two kiddos, holidays around the corner, a stir-crazy kitty that won't go out 'cause it's snowing, laundry that has a life of its own, and a job??! Inhale. Exhale. I knew that I could count on the obvious -recipes, memories, crafts, and picture posts. But, this didn't entirely satisfy me. I wanted more. I wanted to introduce folks, especially my family and friends reading this in the US, to parts of Germany that make-up my everyday. Today's post will be the first of several which will attempt to do this and what better way to begin than by introducing you to a German musician who has been making my ears ring for as long as I can remember. Xavier Naidoo. I posted three of his videos; the second one is in English. Interesting tidbit of trivia: Xavier spent some time as a musician in the States under the name Kobra. I'm thankful he came back to Germany, though; his lyrics in German are amazing. Without further ado, the first of my video series. I hope you enjoy. KK, this one's for you!

"If a song leaves my lips, it will only be to make you feel loved. Through the night. So you are not afraid. Through the night. So you won't fear anything anymore".


"What we can't do alone, we'll do together. We won't need weapons, they just mess with our heads. We have to be patient, then it won't take long".

Happy December 4th!

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