December 10, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 10

This past week and a half has been devoted to combating a really resistant virus on the 'ol home front. It has wiped me out and taught me that, in times like these, one shot of espresso just doesn't cut it. Today is my first day without any "babies" at home and I'm off to play catch up in the city. I'm truly thankful that I can halt my world and stay home with the boys when they're sick. But, I must admit, a week at home is a tough test for my inner equilibrium and by the last day, it usually throws me into a cleaning, laundry, redorating fenzy that drives my husband mad. He is not a huge fan of moved furniture and new accents, but he puts up with it and keeps calm, letting me carry on, all the while knowing that this too shall pass once normality has taken hold. One of the things I plan on doing in town today is scouting out a bit of inspiration for the Christmas table. I usually head over to Eckhaus and Schwarzweller, but I've done a bit of cyberspace footwork as well. I thought I'd give you a bit of eye candy this morning; the place settings that struck my fancy are pretty minimalistic, but with two boys who love integrating new things into their play, especially mom's new table decor, it pays to keep it simple!

image courtesy of Country Living
image courtesy of All About You
image courtesy Style Files
image courtesy of Spring Chick
What about you? How do you plan on decorating your table for Christmas? More traditional or contemporary, with color or shades of white?

Happy December 10th!

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