December 08, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 8

I'm so excited that I have to deviate a bit from the Christmas theme today and do a little DIY sharing. Since things are kinda relaxed around here this year, I am whipping through projects that have been on my to-do list so long that they're going gray and it feels good, folks, it feels good! In January, I scored an amazing chair from a local movie theater that was closing down and purposely put it in my living room so I'd be forced to get it recovered pronto. This was no ordinary chair. It had had a good life with lots of boompas sitting on it, as their upper halves discussed way into the night, cracking its upholstery and wearing away its color. It was love at first site, but I never knew I could be so resistant; I neverever would have guessed that I could seriously put up with such a needy piece of furniture for such a long time in my living room. Yes, we had people over during this time and yes, I caught them staring at my 'ol raggedy chair whose cracks I "cleverly" camouflaged with blankets and pillows and, no, for some strange reason, I didn't really care. OK. I kinda cared, but obviously not enough to do something about it eleven months ago or else I would have shared way before now. I guess the perfectionist in me has been defeated by two little boys; my tolerance has so gone down. Yeah. So, last night I bought material, borrowed a "tacker", and believed my father when he said reupholstering furniture was a piece of cake. He was right and boy did it rock my world! One hundred nails later (gotta love that German quality), I had the old vinyl off and was ready to go to work. Here are a few pics of the process:

I promised my folks I wouldn't paint over the chair's lifeline

first row down, one more to go!

hard to see, but the material is textured indigo with shimmers of eggplant

So, Santa, dear Santa, if you're reading this and happen to be in our neck of the woods on the 24th, I could use a few upholstery tools. I know, a far cry from the perfume and whatnot I've requested in the past, but that 'ol chair wasn't the only piece of stray furniture in our flat that's related to the Velvetine Rabbit; there's quite a few pieces around here that I've proudly been displaying in the hopes I'd one day get embarrassed enough to pimp 'em up a bit.

I've got cookies waiting...

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