July 21, 2010

In a few short weeks, we will begin saving, if the truth be told, earning less (yikes!) for our year off in 2014. The school system in Germany (I heart you) allows their teachers to work a certain number of years, earning less, and then take a year off, but continue getting paid. In the spring, we got word that we were accepted into this programm and in August will begin paying into our "travel pot"; this little pot of gold (or silver depending on where we go) will allow us to take an entire year off as a family and travel the world. I am getting really excited and looking forward to the challenge of living with less money in exchange for a year together exploring, sleeping, eating, and being. The boys have already begun throwing out places they want to visit. Our youngest wants to go to Iceland so he "can see the ponies" and our oldest wants to go to Africa so he "can finally go on a safari". The parentals?? I want a year of summer (of flip-flops, veggies, shorts, and water) and my husband simply wants to go farfaraway. Here're some shots that prompted us to make this decision...

In celebration of dreaming.

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