December 12, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 12

The third Advent Sunday. Where does the time go? Today, we're headed to the Christmas market in Sommerhausen and then to a friend's for coffee. Before we go, I wanted to open up door number twelve for you. I hope you like what you hear. When my father-in-law was still living, we used to watch Christmas music shows in the early evenings during the holidays that predominantly played this music. He'd sit in his chair after lunch and I'd be on the sofa with my mother-in-law. This music takes me back to bygone days of deutsch lessons, baby steps, and the newness of not understanding it all; it makes me think of the two of them and our early days together. They're special folks, my in-laws. This one goes out with a humbled bow to Rose and Karl.

Hope your Sunday's a peaceful one.


WaAussie said...

I thought I have to let you know that I very much enjoy reading your posts and it has now become part of my morning ritual to check for your newest post and picture that goes along with it, re the date.
This will be my first Christmas as a resident with my little on here in Germany. And even though sometimes the difference of it all overwhelms me, I am very much looking forward to our first Christmas as a family. I do ponder what Christmas traditions we will have, as this is so different to my last 27 Christmasses. Still getting used to the cold I guess.

Amanda said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog, especially the pictures, as I am getting ready to head over to Germany for language school and a Masters program. I have never been to Germany so am finding your blog very helpful. On that note, I have a question if you have time. I am coming from Southern California and am trying to get ready for a real winter...and am wondering about the need for serious snow boots (silly I know, but I'm torn between wanting to be prepared and not wanting to stand out with my appearance shouting, "Yes,I am a foreigner")...
Any and all help/input is greatly appreciated.
Thank you!