December 18, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 18

Finally, blue skies. Can't-help-but-keep-looking up, amazing blue skies that I've been anxiously waiting for this past week. The snow was crunchy and crisp beneath our boots and the air was a dream. On days like this, I can't imagine being anywhere else in December and don my winter gear with a smile. So, I took a break from blogging this morning, left the dishes for the cat, ignored the unwrapped presents collecting dust in my closet and headed out with my three men. You know the old saying an apple a day, well for me it's a walk a day, especially in the winter. I've gotta get out or else I get a bad case of cabin fever, start consuming chocolate by the kilo, and adopt my bed as my next of kin. Just a few days left before Christmas...I should have been out checking off my list, but instead we hit the hills by our house for a little sledding and then trekked into the big city to get hot chocloate. What'd you do today?? For those of you who still need to get a few gifts, there's a new online store, Avoca. It's Irish and I went there (five times to be exact) while I was in Dublin for a long weekend in November. Definite eye candy to be had!

Happy Saturday!

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Allison said...

It must be nice to actually have some unwrapped presents that need to be wrapped... boys still under the weather, and I'm not sure how I'm going to make it all happen. So instead of online shoppping, I'm surfing blogs... huh!