January 11, 2011

Sandal Love vs. German Winter

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image borrowed from here

The other day I returned my winter boots because the seams had ripped...on both sides...after a mere three months...gotta love the quality out there nowadays. I had all intentions of getting another pair; even though I would love to believe that winter is behind us in good 'ol Germany, past expierence has taught me that spring saunters in around May and until then everything goes! So, back to the boots. I swear I was gonna buy something practical and season-appropriate. Between you and me, I wear my winter boots nine months out of the year in Germany, but when I saw these babies I went dead-limp and kinda gaga imagining the possibilities for the remaining three:

          image borrowed from here
I stayed calm, though, and continued my search for replacement boots until I saw these:

Damnit, Leslie Ann, why'd your pics have to be so convincing??! So, I am offically bootless, but all giddy with sandal love. . .


Carolyn said...

i like those! $30?

Julie said...

Not $30, but still a steal compared to shoes in Germany. Piperlime has them :-)